Data Handling using the iPad

We collected some data about life in year 3. Some questions were: favourite apps used, favourite literacy stories and favourite lessons. We used the Numbers app to create graphs and charts of our data. They look really good.

Sundial Shadows in Year 3

Today we made sundials using plasticine. Tomorrow we will test them out and see if they work.

Have you got a sundial? Please take a photo of it and send it to us by emailing it to :


Summer Reading Challenge

We are going to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge this summer. All you need to do is read six books from the library and take part in a smelly sticker collection challenge.

Mrs Hayes explained what to do and it sounds fun!

Poem Performances from Year 3

We have worked in different groups to develop our own Shadow Poems. We also added some sounds and percussion to enhance the performance of each one.

Please tell us what you think of them. Which poem was your favourite? Please let us know.

We have really enjoyed reading different poems but have loved writing our own.

By Mr Harkins

Summer Fair Preparations

Everything is moving along nicely for our stall at the Summer fair. We all work as a team to help make the seed holders.

By Mr Harkins

Superhero Story Planning

We know that if we cannot speak our story – then we cannot write our story!

We used story prompts in the class to tell our story to our Talk Partner. Then we added our great ideas onto the plan. Finally, we showed off our understanding by using Adobe Voice to put it all together and share, then change again, then share – and get it just right!



Green Screen Superheroes

Just look at these amazing superhero costumes in year 3. We will be writing our own dramatic Superhero stories next week, so we are preparing our characters.

We used Green Screen technology to show off our Super-Powers.



We are Awarded with a Certificate

Wow! Look at the number of books that we read during the ‘Read For my school’ initiative. Well done to everyone for reading at home, school and anywhere else.

How many more books can you read this term?